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Here is what some people have to say about treating Autism with the Tomatis Method:

"My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old. He only began talking in meaningful speech when he was 4 and most of his speech was in echolalia or delayed echolalia. He gets motion sickness very often especially in the car, and whenever we take the aeroplane, he will definitely get air-sick. He is sensitive to loud noises, and will cover his ears and get distressed when taken to malls or restaurants with very loud music.

We decided to try the Tomatis Method for our son because of these reasons. My husband and I agreed that these symptoms lead to the ear and we would try and see how the Tomatis Method can help him.

My son has already done the initial program and one subsequent program. His car-sickness dramatically reduced during the initial program, and after the 2nd program we had very few incidents. His speech has also improved; his words are so much clearer now. His teachers are also saying that his attention span has greatly improved. He's noticing so many more things these days, indicating that his awareness has improved. We will be continuing on for another program, and with the proper consultations from the Tomatis Centre Psychologist, we hare hoping that his progress will continue on."

~ Mother of a 5-year old autistic child.

"Since Brodie has done the Tomatis Program, he is more relaxed and more focused on learning. He is now attempting to pronounce words and singing a lot of rhymes at school. Brodie is so much less frustrated and aggressive, which makes him a happier boy."

~ Michelle Parker, mother of a 4-year old autistic child.

"Stephanie was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome when she was four, in 1995. Since that time we have undergone intensive "therapy": speech, occupational, and Steph attended an early intervention centre for 12 months prior to attending school. We are currently in the final stages of a 5-week program of the Tomatis Method (January-March 1997) which has involved 2 hours/day, 5 days a week. During the course of the program I have noticed small but noticeable changes in several areas :

1) Physical: Steph's co-ordination has improved, she has a better sense of balance and her handwriting has improved.

2) Emotional: Steph has become "empathic" and appears to enjoy the company of her siblings more.

3) Social: She is better able to participate in family discussion and respond appropriately.

Overall, I feel Steph has more confidence in her ability to function in her environment, which has lead to an increased self-esteem. Reading tasks and drawing are now more readily embarked."

~ Cathy Burgess, mother of an 8-year old Asperger Syndrome child.

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