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About Françoise Nicoloff

She has a voice, she can paint, she is dedicated to people, her name is Françoise Nicoloff, and most often her name is associated with a therapy designed by Dr Alfred Tomatis or The Tomatis® Method. She is specialised in auditory processing and sensory disorder.

Françoise Nicoloff has been practising as an Audio-Psycho-phonologist or Certified Tomatis® Consultant since 1978.

Born in Casablanca (Morocco), where she stayed until the age of 3, Françoise and her family left for Australia where they spent three years. Back to Marocco for a year before settling in France, staying in Britanny, then in the Loire Valley, the family finally settled in Provence. After trying medical studies, she gained a diploma of tourism specialising in interpretation and being a guide. She was fluent in German and English and learned some Russian, Bulgarian and Spanish. Her interest in languages has enabled her to set up a fun and effective language, listening and learning centre in Edgecliff, Sydney where several languages are taught.

As Head of excursions for a French cruise company, she sailed for 3 years around the world.
In 1976, Françoise was introduced to Dr Tomatis by her parents. At this time, Françoise’s parents planned to open a Tomatis® centre in Marseilles after hearing a radio program dedicated to Dr. Tomatis.

The death of her father in 1977 touched Françoise deeply and changed her life in terms of projects. She decided to change her career and jump on Tomatis’ boat. She left on her last cruise to South America in 1978 before returning to Paris to follow her first Tomatis® training course.

A new world opened its door to her, finally providing the chance to follow her interests in languages, travelling and the arts, as well as helping people in need to improve their well being. Françoise continued her studies and earned her diploma in clinical psychology in Aix en Provence. At the same time as her mother, Françoise opened the first Language Centre in Marseilles in 1978. During this period, Françoise introduced “The Tomatis® Method and symbolism in drawings” to professionals using her personal technique of painting to enhance creativity.

Françoise found the chance to travel frequently thanks to her Tomatis® Training activities, travelling from Marseilles to Paris and Barcelona to Milan. In 1987, she was presented with another opportunity to cross the world: to introduce the Tomatis® Method to the South Pacific by flying to Tahiti and starting a Centre there. As soon as she found out about this opportunity, she thought, “Yes, I am on my way back to Australia”. Her dream of returning to where she spent her childhood was coming true.

She stayed in Tahiti for 8 years where her daughter was born, teaching her the joy and the difficulties of parenting. Her daughter was the youngest baby undergoing the Tomatis® Program after surgery while she was 8 days old.

During her time in Tahiti, Françoise worked in many different areas, including training for educators and consultants in the Tomatis® Method. Dr Tomatis liked to send her to new ventures and asked her to initiate the training and the setting up of the Tomatis® Method in Japan. She also started to exhibit her paintings in Tahiti and France. (Françoise even mentored Miss Tahiti over three months leading up to competition, training her in locution, presentation and general etiquette!).

Finally, in September 1995 Françoise set foot on Australian soil. For that and acknowledging her work in spreading the Tomatis® Method in new countries, Françoise won the first prize offered by Dr Tomatis at the Tomatis® International Conference in 1995 in Switzerland.

Happy to have found her way back, Françoise started work as a Psychologist and a Tomatis® consultant, and founded the Australian Tomatis® Method, for Listening, Learning & Languages. From 1996 onwards she organised and ran Listening Programs in Newcastle, Perth and Melbourne where she also lectured, as well as in Sydney and Kalgoorlie.

Over the years, she has been in contact with thousands of families, helping children and adults with learning difficulties and helped people with communication skills and relationships problems. During this time, she has run, on a regular basis, informative workshops (conferences, lectures, radio and TV programs, newspaper articles, and open days…) for the public and for professionals such as psychologists, speech therapists, teachers and those in communication. She has also started to train such professionals to become Tomatis® practitioners, within their own field, in Australia and overseas.
For the past 30 years, Françoise has participated and lectured in conferences, congresses, exhibitions and festivals either about the Tomatis® Method, psychology or foreign languages in France, Italy, Spain, Tahiti, Greece, Japan, and Australia and recently in Austria, Manila, Mexico and Colombia.

In 2001, she actively participated in the launch of the International Association of Registered Certified Tomatis® Consultants to gather Tomatis® practitioners, she was elected as Vice President of the Association. She is also involved in the Research Committee.

In July 2004 Françoise Nicoloff took over the role of President of the International Association of Registered Certified Tomatis® Consultants (IARCTC). Elected by her peers, Françoise had committed herself to the position with great enthusiasm till 2011 where she resigned to allow more time to writing books. As well as working on numerous research projects especially in Colombia, France, Françoise attended in 2007 in Mexico the Convention organized by IARCTC. In 2006-07, Françoise travelled several times to Manila in the Philippines to train Tomatis® consultant and listening therapists and assist them with the opening of Ecoute, the Tomatis® centre in Manila.That same year Françoise got married to James, a French Patissier who she met in Sydney a few years before.

In 2009 Françoise attended the international convention in Dublin presenting a case study on Tomatis® Method and suicidal tendencies and was re-elected as President of IARCTC. In September Françoise was invited by ANATS SA to give a 2 days workshop on the importance of the ear in singing.

In 2010, she discovered the new portable equipment designed by the Tomatis® Group to make the Tomatis® program more accessible and easy to use at home. Since then, she has started to train on a regular basis new practitioners coming from Japan, the Philippines, New Caledonia and from Australian interstates

In 2011, she attended the International Tomatis® Conference in Panama where she launched the Listening Journey for Children, she co-authored with Maude Le Roux. Since the book has been translated into Spanish and French. More books will be published in the Listening Journey series.

Since 2008, Françoise has spoken regularly at Mindd Forums ( on auditory processing disorder as she is passionate about that ailment which affects many more people that we can think off.

In 2013, she delivered some presentations in Greece about mindfulness and how the Tomatis® Method increases emotional intelligence in two case studies. She also embraced new technology and is delivering monthly webinars to spread the information about the Tomatis® Method which is then accessible to people from all over the world.

Her love of music, as shown in her participation in various choirs since the age of 14, of languages, painting, travelling and helping others has been the driving force behind her various exploits and will continue to lead her to further ventures both in Australia and overseas.

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