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Here at the EARobic Centre™ we have used the Tomatis Method to treat 1000's of children who suffer from learning difficulties. We are no strangers to the range of problems that can occur when a child is exercising his or her potential to learn. The kind of problems we see range from dyspraxia and dyslexia to speech delay and Attention deficit disorders. We also provide facilities for children who are more intellectually and physically unable.

What makes us unique is our approach to the ear and its fundamental role in language, physical, psychological and social development.

Over the past 60 years Dr Alfred Tomatis developed a new approach to the treatment of learning problems. He was also the first to realise that the desire to listen is the "royal road" for language development and communication, and provides the basis for human growth.

By making a distinction between passive hearing and active listening Tomatis was able to trace back a much overlooked cause of learning difficulties, "poor listening makes poor learning". Just as one can look without seeing, one can also hear without listening. Listening requires the desire to focus on sounds. Tomatis identifies this lack of desire as one of the major causes of learning difficulties.

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