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A scientifically proven method of learning a foreign language in ½ the normal time!

What does the Tomatis Centre offer you?

  • Efficiency - learn in ½ the time.
  • Personalised tuition with native speaker.
  • Ways to break down barriers to learning.

Following years of research by Dr. A. A. Tomatis, it is now accepted that: every language possesses its own ear, which means it own range of sound frequencies as shown in the chart below.

Freq Sample Chart

Which Languages can be learnt with the ALLP (Accelerated Language Learning Program)?

Any language can be learnt using a special device called the Electronic Ear. The Tomatis Clinic currently offers regular classes in English, French and Spanish. Linguistic programs are available for: Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew and German. We plan to make more available in the future.

The tuned ear: the key to learning a foreign language

"The voice can only reproduce what the ear hears" A.A. Tomatis

This means you can't speak and understand a language if you don't hear it properly.

With the help of the Electronic Ear with specific filters to study a language, the ALLP opens the auditory diaphragm, by exercising the neuro-muscular system of the ear. This "earobic" ear training allows the student, even the non-gifted one, to adapt to the specific linguistic components of the foreign language such as:

  • Rhythm
  • Timbre
  • Accent
  • Fluency

Why is the ALLP so efficient?

The ALLP trains the ear to tune in to the phonetics of the language, creating the same ideal conditions in which children become so bilingual so easily.

Thanks to the Electronic Ear device, the ear performs a kind of "acoustic gymnastics" to broaden its ability to analyse and discriminate new sounds and rhythms.

In fact, if the child possesses the ability to quickly integrate several languages without effort, it is due to the fact that he/she can adapt to the required listening postures of different languages without making any confusion between them.

Exercising the ear to change the listening posture, means to place yourself out of the listening mode of the mother tongue, and into that of the new language.

The ALLP offers the possibility to re-learn the process by which we learnt to speak for the first time. It therefore helps develop a natural language training, which also makes it more efficient.

Get an ear for languages in ½ the time with the Tomatis Method.

Steps of the ALLP

An ALLP begins with a linquistic assessment comprising of:

1. A Listening Test - to evaluate the student's ability to analyse and comprehend the desired foreign language.

2. A Linguistic Test - to determine the level of knowledge.

3. An interview - with the Linguistic Tomatis Consultant to establish the best possible program.

Courses are divided into 2 parts:

1. Ear Training - half of the course time is spent training the ear in the frequency range of the desired language, so that it facilitates and speeds up the acquisition of the rhythms, sounds and structure of the language.

2. Instruction - the other half of the course is spent with a native- speaking teacher, using the Electronic Ear, headphones and microphones to learn and speak in the way of that language.

Further tests are carried out during and at the end of the course to monitor progress.

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