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The Tomatis Listening Program

The Tomatis program starts with a comprehensive listening assessment which measures frequency response, ear dominance and sound selectivity. A thorough case history is taken to determine the suitability of the program (which lasts 90 mins to 2 hours). An ear retraining program is then designed to meet the person's needs.

The auditory training requires intensive sessions and is monitored by repeated listening tests and controlled interviews.

The client listens to classical music, mainly Mozart and Gregorian Chant, through a special headset. This music is modified by the Tomatis Listening Device known as the "Electronic Ear" to re-educate the ear and awaken the person's listening skills. Further more the client will listen to specially prepared tapes of chanting, words or sentences and repeat them into a microphone. This feedback passes through the "Electronic Ear", then back through the headset, enhancing clear and fluent speech.

Parents are actively involved with their children, participating in a parallel program at no extra cost.

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