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Good News: Francoise Nicoloff, Registered Psychologist and Tomatis® Consultant is running regular Tomatis® listening assessments in Melbourne in 2016: bookings at 1800 677 010.

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Wednesday 5 April, 2017
Wednesday 3 - Thursday 4, May 2017
Wednesday 5 July, 2017
Wednesday 2 August, 2017
Wednesday 6 September, 2017
Wednesday 4 October, 2017
Wednesday 1 November, 2017
Wednesday 6 December, 2017

All dates are susceptible to change. Please call 1800 677 010 to check for dates.

Assessments are confirmed based on suitability for Tomatis® Home Based Programs

Tomatis® Level 1 Practitioner

Sharon Chinen, Therapist - Counselor
The Chinen Health Institute
18 Grand Bd
Packenham VIC 3810
Tel: 03 5941 5968/0437 048 833

Lynn MacDonald
Ballarat Mind Body and Medicine
216 Humffray Street North
Tel: (03) 5332 1355
Fax: (03) 5333 7180

Rose Zohs
Reg. Psychologist
Light House Consulting Services Pty Ltd
97 Station Road, Forster VIC 3960
Tel: 0437 265 877

Daryl McKinlay
Student Counsellor, Teacher
10 Darling Road, SORRENTO VIC 3943
Tel: 0400 341 113

NEW!! Webinars!

General Information Evening Webinars

These take place MONTHLY at 8pm (Sydney time).

Register here!

sydney info table

Wednesday 9 August 2017, 8pm Eastern Time
Tuesday 5 September 2017, 8pm Eastern Time
Wednesday 11 October 2017, 8pm Eastern Time
Wednesday 15 November 2017, 8pm Eastern Time
Wednesday 13 December 2017, 8pm Eastern Time

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL Call 1800 677 010 or book by email:


TalksUp® & Tomatis® Professional Training - Become a Tomatis® level 1 practitioner:

Tomatis® level 1 Practitioner in Sydney: 28-30 September 2017
Tomatis® level 1 Practitioner in Sydney: 16-18 November 2017

TalksUp® & Tomatis® Professional Training - Become a Tomatis® level 2 practitioner:

Tomatis® level 2 Practitioner in Sydney: 24-27 November 2017

TalksUp® & Tomatis® Professional Training - Become a Tomatis® level 3 practitioner:

Tomatis® level 3 Practitioner in Sydney: 20-24 October 2017

Information Webinars for Profesionals:

Please email to to find out the date for the next professional webinar.

For Bookings please register here.
For more information, please call us on: 1800 677 010



Since 2011 we continue to expand our So Listen technology which is aimed at Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Physios, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Teachers, Natural Therapists, Natural Therapy Practitioners etc.

This Sound Training Therapy technology comes with professional training and can be used by therapists and practitioners who are treating conditions such as ADHD, ADD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, Stress, Depression, Learning Difficulties, Sensory Integration Problems and so on.

Also we recently had an article published which interviews Francoise Nicoloff about being a psychologist & sound therapist in Sydney.

So far a number of Sydney psychologists who attended the first So Listen showcase have already joined us in assisting people with the technology and we look forward to promoting this equipment around Australia in the coming months and years.

Further inquiries can be sent to Françoise Nicoloff.

We will be happy to address parents or professional groups on request.

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