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Public Speaking Workshops in Sydney

Hi my name is Francoise Nicoloff and I run individual sessions to help people overcome their fear of public speaking, titled "How To Enjoy Public Speaking".

Over the last 35 years of my professional life I've been called upon to speak publicly on hundreds of occasions around the world and never had a problem with it.

As a result many people have approached me and asked me what my secret is.

In the last five years I began to analyse what it is that's always empowered me to speak in public - and I've compiled my experience and knowledge into a 4 hour workshop which will change your life.

This workshop is just $495 ... yep that's right, not $1997 ... just $495!!

During this 4 hour workshop you will learn:

- How to release yourself from the fear of public speaking

- How to use your voice in new powerful ways

- How to own your personal space & hold your body energy with confidence

- How to present your content from start to finish

& much more!

For more info call 1800 677 010.

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New Public Speaking Programs for Executives

We also now offer longer one-on-one tuition programs for executives and people who require public speaking skills for professional career engagements.

How to improve your public speaking voice

Discover the best kept secrets of voice training, which will enable you to improve the sound of your speaking voice, close more sales and overcome your fear of public speaking.

Sharpen your listening skills

Listening skills are sharpened through exercises done under the electronic ear. You repeat words and sentences aloud. The electronic ear enhances the higher harmonics in the voice before feeding it back to your ears.

Finding your own voice

After the necessary sharpening of your listening skills we then focus on the development of clear speech and improved overall communication skills.
Activities include accent reduction, pronunciation training and voice clarity.

Overcome your fear of public speaking

We work with people both on the emotional end of overcoming the fear and anxiety of public speaking as well as on making the experience of public speaking effective and enjoyable. Our unique method of optimising listening skills creates a template for you to create positive and skilful presentations.

Also for Actors & Musicians/Vocalists

To find out more about dealing with pre-performance nerves, & improving the tone and timbre of your voice, click here.

Please ring Cristelle 1800 677 010 for bookings.

Public speaking workshops trainers training sydney Australia

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