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The appearance and conscious self-control of the listening posture leads to the desired calm so that the heart’s ear opens”.
Dr Alfred A. Tomatis

In these fast-paced and often stressful times, in order to cope with the demands placed upon us by ourselves and by society in general, we need to be creative and positive.

Over the years, research has shown that music has a direct affect on people’s physical body, emotions and behaviour. Using this knowledge, music and sound can become a very powerful tool for healing - on the mind, body and spirit.

The ear, when functioning properly, supplies about 80% of the brain’s energy. When energised and properly trained by the Electronic Ear, the ear will supply the necessary energy to feed the thought processes and creativity, which leads to both physical and intellectual relaxation.

Tomatis points out that high frequency sounds such as in classical music stimulates the brain, whereas low frequency sounds such as in rock music can drain energy away. The cortex requires enormous amounts of stimulation to remain dynamic, to think and to operate with vitality. The high frequency music of Mozart, particularly when filtered through the Electronic Ear, is very energising, whereas Gregorian Chant actually slows down the heartbeat and promotes deep relaxation. Both types of music are used in the Tomatis Listening Program to help reach one’s intellectual and physical potential. By ‘charging’ the cortex and reducing tension, the Tomatis Method not only maximises one’s capabilities, but also encourages a more balanced life.

The Tomatis Method works on exercising the ears, but also on an emotional level. Emotional blockages can prevent people from listening. They can become stuck emotionally at a younger age, namely the age at which they suffered the original trauma, preventing normal emotional growth and good listening. When treating stress-related disorders and depression, the combination of Mozart and Gregorian Chant is conducive to the therapeutic process by encouraging one to be more focused, present and forward-looking. Automatically, one then becomes more self-confident and anxiety disappears.

Take for example the situation of a person going to a lecture, feeling relaxed and happy and being able to listen carefully to absorb what is being said. However, if that person were to have had a serious argument before attending the lecture, they would be very emotionally upset and find it too difficult to concentrate on the speaker because of their inner conflicts. People who are trapped in past emotional problems are preventing themselves from moving forward in their lives. The Tomatis Listening Program will not necessarily take away these traumas but will provide clients with the motivation to put them all behind them, so they are able to take control of their lives.

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