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APD & Autism: The Impact on Women and Female Adolescents

6th September 2022 Tuesday, 8 PM AEST

How did the percentage of women and adolescent females developing autism or APD rise up in the last few years? Why was autism considered a predominantly male condition? Equally critical, do gender-specific trajectories of autism result in missed or delayed diagnosis for females?

In this webinar, join us with French-Australian clinical psychologist, Francoise Nicoloff as we deep-dive into APD and Autism:

✅  What is The Female Protective Effect?
✅  Do Autistic Female Adolescents Present Differently Than Boys?
✅  Symptoms of Autism in Girls
✅  How does APD Affect Women in Terms of Language and Communication?
✅  How Can Parents Tell If Their Child has Autism or Auditory Processing Disorder?
✅  Bring the Ultimate Change for Women and Female Adolescents with Autism or APD

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