The Process of the Tomatis® Method

The Tomatis® Method is an ear fitness program specially designed to help wide-ranging difficulties of children and adults. See more below on how the whole program works:

Preliminary Assessment

You or your child will have a comprehensive listening assessment to evaluate the strengths and the weaknesses in listening, learning, and communication skills.

Qualified professionals may also administer a listening check with a device known as the TLTS (Tomatis® listening test system). This test helps us to identify your listening potential and any possible dysfunctions.

Listening Sessions (Passive Phase)

You or your child are given a specialised and individualised program that stimulates and regulates your ear, brain, body, and emotions, designed by our Tomatis® consultant either in a Tomatis® clinic or in the comfort of your home.

This is typically an initial phase of 14 days with 1 1/2 hours listening each day depending on the age of the child and the issue to overcome. After the first program, there is a 4-week break. Then, Tomatis professionals may recommend another 1 1/2 hours of listening each day for 14 days.  More 10-14 days programs can be recommended depending on severity of the case. The pause between the intensive blocks of listening sessions allows integration of the changes in the brain, body, and at the emotional level.

Listening Sessions (Active Phase)

Qualified professionals may recommend these sessions which include verbal repetition using a microphone during which your voice will be instantly modified and re-transmitted within the specific parameters of the Tomatis® effect.

Regular Follow-ups

Regular follow-ups with the Tomatis®Professional will be organized between each listening program to evaluate progress and changes/transformations and also will give an indication to design future programs.

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