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One of the major functions of the ear is the vestibular function. This includes muscle tone, balance and coordination, sensory integration, and of the sort.  The vestibule, found in the inner part of the ear, informs the brain of the slightest movement of the body and receives instructions. Delays and difficulties in motor skill and coordination-related activities are linked to underdeveloped vestibular system.

The Tomatis® Method is an gentle, non-intrusive, educational program that influences the brain-body functions through the ear. The ear is connected to 9 out of 12 cranial nerves to the brain; so, this organ is known to be the most effective passageway of information and energy for the brain.

The Tomatis® Method directly acts on the vestibular resulting to a positive effect on motor function, muscle tone regulation, and verticality. It also naturally influences on auditory laterality  helping in the coordination of body movement and schema.

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