The software technology works with the human brain’s tendency to shift attention upon detecting sudden changes in sound. It plays a musical track in two special channels that each represents contrasting frequencies, tones and other characteristics.

As music is playing during the listening process of the Tomatis® program, there will be unpredictable shifts of tonal contrasts between channels that will exercise the brain’s ability to re-actively change its focus and become more alert so more attentive.

Furthermore, each program is highly tailored based on the individual’s Tomatis® listening assessment and maximises the improvements each intensive session will have on the person’s auditory processing skills, behaviour, emotion regulation, balance and coordination as well as communication and socialisation.

Equipment used in the Tomatis® program utilise both air and conduction headphones to deliver quality sound to enhance the sound experience by delivering vibrations directly into the skull.

Some programs can also use other bone conduction tools for those whose ears are quite sensitive or being too young to wear the proper headphones like babies and children with sensory integration issues. The bone conduction kit comes with

a glove and belt that have bone conduction modules attached.

This allows practitioners to conduct sessions with babies or toddlers or very sensitive children or adults.

Tomatis® practitioners can also provide tools for supplementary programs and SoundSory® is one of them.

Using similar principles, it can be used to further maintain the strengthened connection between ear-brain-body once the main Tomatis® auditory stimulation program as concluded (or even to maintain and continue the progress

between Tomatis® intensive listening sessions)

It also works on the brain’s connection to the rest of the body as well. Through the principles of neuroplasticity, it uses ear-brain-body neuro-pathways to improve movement, balance, coordination and emotion regulation.

Forbrain® is another supplementary program; its focus is primarily on exercising the ear-brain-voice connection for improving speech articulation, attention, working memory and auditory processing.

Using its own take on bone conduction along with a series of speaking and singing exercises, Forbrain® can help your brain achieve a higher level for communication, cognitive skills and voice work.