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Top 5 Biggest Breakthroughs in Research for ADHD

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Table of Contents I. New Researches on ADHDHypothyroidism among mothers resulting in offspring with ADHDADHD Infancy Revisits To HospitalsAn ADHD Patient to an EntrepreneurADHD Impact on College StudentsII. How does the Tomatis® Method help individuals with ADHD?III. How the TalksUp®…
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All You Need To Know About Learning Disabilities and APD

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Table of Contents What is the relationship between APD and Learning Disabilities (LD)?What are the causes of Learning Disabilities (LD)?What is the connection between fetal alcohol syndrome and Learning Disabilities (LD)?What are the signs of Learning Disabilities (LD)?What is the…
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What Is the Diagnosis and Treatment of Auditory Processing Disorder

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Table of Contents How is Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) diagnosed? What is the hearing test forAuditory Processing Disorder (APD)?What are the treatments for Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)?What is speech therapy for Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)?Treating APD with The Tomatis® Method Auditory…
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All You Need to Know About Auditory Processing Disorder

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Table of Contents What is auditory processing disorder?What is the link between APD and the middle ear? What is the connection between APD and the nervous system? Is APD a hearing loss?What are the causes of APD?What are the symptoms of APD?What…
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Diagnosis and Treatment of Learning Disabilities

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Table of Contents How are Learning Disabilities (LD) diagnosed?What is the test used to determine Learning Disabilities (LD)?What are the treatments for Learning Disabilities (LD)?How does assistive technology help people with LD?The Tomatis® Method As An Intervention SYDNEY, Australia —…
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How to Care for Your Child with Autism and Sensory Issues

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Table of Contents Grab our complimentary 20-min phone chat with Francoise NicoloffWhat is sensory processing disorder?Are sensory processing disorders and autism the same?How is sensory processing disorder different from autism?What is the relationship between sensory processing disorder and autism?How does…