Speech Disorder

The Potential Effects of Forbrain® on Speech Disorder

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Speech disorder or speech impairment is a condition where a person experiences problems in forming words or creating sounds to communicate with others. While this communication disorder is usually noticed in kids, adults have also endured it either from their…

How To Achieve Long-Term Cognitive Development for Autism

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SYDNEY, Australia  |  A 2020 long-term study traced and identified the level of function and developmental change of cognition and the autism symptoms from childhood to early adulthood. However, its findings suggest that even though there are ‘cognitive increments’ for…
kid with global developmental delay

What Global Developmental Delay Looks Like on Australian Kids

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SYDNEY, Australia — Children with Global Developmental Delay(GDD) have difficulty overall communication and socialization. As parents, it’s natural to keep up with how your child is progressing in terms of communication, behaviour, learning, or movement and all children will develop…
Top 5 Biggest Breakthroughs in Research for ADHD. Know how Tomatis® Method Sydney, Australia can help with ADHD.

Top 5 Biggest Breakthroughs in Research for ADHD

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SYDNEY, Australia – Are you looking for significant researches about ADHD in terms of prognosis, diagnosis, and available therapies? Do you want to have a steady and updated knowledge about ADHD? We’ll talk about the important breakthroughs about ADHD, particularly:…
Tomatis® Method Sydney, Australia helps kids with learning disabilities

All You Need To Know About Learning Disabilities and APD

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Auditory Processing Disorder can be related to Learning Disabilities that hinder holistic development. Distinguishing these two complex conditions and bring better awareness to concerned individuals about Auditory Processing Disorder and Learning Disabilities is important because these two are often interconnected…