Developmental Challenges

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How We Can Help

The Tomatis® Method exercises the ear muscles by playing Mozart, Gregorian Chant, and Waltzes with “filters”. These combinations will cause the muscles to tense and relax. These repetitive stimulation exercises and enhances the nervous pathways between the ear (vestibule and cochlea) and the brain and its connections to the body. On principle of neuroplasticity, the back-and-forth process eventually changes specific connections in the brain, allowing more appropriate responses at the level of the body, which then also improves the person in so many ways such as balance, coordination, sensory integration, behaviour, emotion, and communication.

Fostering your child towards a better future

Build your child’s essential abilities using the Tomatis® Method! It is beneficial in supporting and promoting development of children with or without special needs!


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Developmental Challenges

A child’s progress toward a new skill and other notable achievements in his/her early life are called “developmental milestones”. Most children achieve these milestones at around a certain age, that is, the process of normal development. However, when a child’s development in areas such as speech, motor skills, and so on is delayed, then the child is considered having a developmental challenge/delay.

Ready to get started?

Is your child exhibiting signs of developmental delays? The Tomatis® Method is definitely the best gift for you or your child! Contact Françoise Nicoloff or any of the Tomatis® professionals in Australia to get started today!