Meet Françoise Nicoloff

Official Representative of Tomatis Developpement SA in Australiasia and South Pacific
Director of the Australian Tomatis® Method
Registered Psychologist
Certified Tomatis® Consultant Senior
Tomatis® International Trainer and Speaker
Co-author of the Listening Journey Series
40 Years of Experience
NDIS Registered

The Tomatis® Journey of Françoise Nicoloff


photo of alfred tomatis

Francoise Nicoloff was first introduced to Dr. Tomatis by her mother, Simone Perry Nicoloff.


Françoise left her work as excursion manager on her last cruise to South America before returning to Paris to attend the first step of the Tomatis® training course. At this time, her mother opened the first language centre in Marseilles.


francoise nicoloff and alfred tomatis 1979
Under Dr. Tomatis’ suggestion, Françoise started an advanced degree in Clinical Psychology for 5 years in Aix en Provence whilst joining her mother at the Centre du Langage in Marseilles and continuing her training with Dr Tomatis. Françoise completed her Psychology degree and then was invited by Dr Tomatis to be to be part of the first Tomatis® Trainers Team giving her the chance to travel Marseilles, Paris, Barcelona and Milan.


francoise nicoloff painting
Françoise and her mother introduced “The Tomatis® Method and Symbolism in Drawings” to professionals using her personal technique of painting to enhance creativity at the Bendor Tomatis® Seminar in Bandol, France. They also opened a Tomatis® Centre in Toulon.


She was presented to introduce the Tomatis® Method in the South Pacific by moving to Tahiti and developing a Centre there.


segolene nicoloff
She gave birth to her daughter, Segolene, in Tahiti. Her daughter, at 8 days old, was the youngest baby who
underwent the Tomatis® Program after surgery in Auckland, New Zealand.


While exhibiting her paintings in Tahiti and France, Dr Tomatis asked Françoise to initiate the training and the Tomatis® Method in Japan. She gave the first Tomatis® lecture in Tokyo.


She mentored Miss Tahiti over three months leading up to competition at Miss World (locution, presentation, and general etiquette training).

From 1996

She organised and ran Tomatis® Programs in Newcastle, Perth and Melbourne and lectured in Sydney, Melbourne, Kalgoorlie and other cities around Australia.


don campbell and francoise nicoloff
(Left) Don Campbell

In the launch of the International Association of Registered Certified Tomatis® Consultants (IARCTC), Françoise actively participated and was elected Vice President of the Association.


francoise nicoloff and tomatis practitioners in manila, the philippinesFrançoise travelled several times to Manila in the Philippines to train a Tomatis® consultant and listening therapists and assist them with the opening of the Tomatis® centres.

2006 up to present

francoise nicoloff at her desk in sydney australia
Françoise has spoken regularly at Mindd Forums, Learning Difference Convention and many others on her specialty, Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)


Having been re-elected as the President of IARCTC, Françoise presented a case study on the Tomatis® Method and suicidal tendencies at the International Convention in Dublin, Ireland.


She discovered the new portable equipment designed by the Tomatis® Group making the Tomatis® Method more accessible and easy to use at home. Since then, she started training practitioners coming from Australian interstates, Japan, the Philippines, New Caledonia, Australian interstates, Canada and Singapore on a regular basis.


francoise nicoloff in greece
Françoise delivered presentations in Greece about mindfulness and how the Tomatis® Method increases emotional intelligence. She also started delivering monthly webinars to spread the information about the Tomatis® Method accessible around the world.


francoise nicoloff in china
Françoise was invited to support the Tomatis® group in China and their practitioners giving lectures and working with families.
Françoise Nicoloff's love for music (i.e. sang the Faure Requiem at the Sydney Opera House under the direction of Brett Weymark), painting (exhibited in Tahiti and France), learning about the brain, travelling, and her other ventures all originates from a single driving force, that is, to make a difference in people’s lives.


Conference in Poland and celebrating 40 years of working with TM


  • Training in China attending the World conference… with Charlotte Davies and Daleen Smith and Mandel
  • Back to Japan after 23 years to teach level 1 and mentoring in Kobe


Introducing Tomatis® online professional training level 1 and level 2


Participating in Tomatis® International Online Summit presenting on the new tool available for Tomatis® professionals: Bone Conduction Kit.