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Tomatis® Practitioner (Level 1) & TalksUp® Training

This first stage provides an initial 3-day training course to learn about the clinical and scientific foundations of the Tomatis® Method. Both theoretical and practical and using your field of expertise, you will learn how to implement in your practice TalksUp®, the indispensible device, to apply the Tomatis® Method with gating, filters, delays using earphones equipped with bone and air conduction. It will allow you to become familiar with the features, underlying programs and the use of the equipment. You will then be able to appreciate the efficacy they provide for a moderate investment.

Duration : 3 days + online support and mentoring
Pre-requisite: Must be a health or education professional
Tool : The portable TalksUp® device (level 1)

: You learn how to implement into your professional activity the Tomatis® Method by integrating a powerful, user-friendly and professional device. It allows you to offer home-based or clinical programs immediately at the end of the Level 1 training.

Course summary: TalksUp® training is an intense 3-day course covering covering the components of the ear through its integration with the brain, the nervous system, the muscles of the middle ear, the vestibular system, and the cochlea. You will leave the course with a clear understanding of TalksUp®’s parameters and impact on listening, communication, attention, concentration, regulation of emotions and behaviour. You will discover how the efficiency of the Tomatis® Method will support your practice and your clients. You will also use the Tomatis® Evaluation Database (TED) to assess and measure your clients’ problems and progresses. A personal assistance, online webinars, forum, and continuous learning are available to help you in your daily practice.

TalksUp® device

Equipped with special headphones, TalksUp® plays specially processed and preselected music to stimulate the auditory integration system. By reproducing the electronic gate, this stimulation ensures the accurate integration of the acoustic information and helps the brain to better receive, select and process the information at any time.

After assessing your client’s needs, you are able to choose the suitable program among the preconfigured choices without difficulty. Your clients can easily do their program which is at least two 13-day sessions of 1-2 hours of listening per day. This can be done either in your centre or at home with regular monitoring.


TalksUp® is a portable digital device reproducing the Tomatis® Effect.

  1. Authentic Tomatis® Electronic Gating® allowing instant processing of the music
  2. Protected pre-programs
  3. Headphones equipped with air and bone conduction feature delay and precession systems.
  4. Music is uncompressed.
  5. Filtering goes up to 2500 Hz.
TalksUp® is also available in a group or school version.

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