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Dyspraxia is motor planning difficulty of the brain. Because of the immaturity of the motor cortex part of the brain, it prevents messages from being properly transmitted to the body. Difficulties in our fine and gross motor skills and coordination can be linked to failures of our vestibular system (an organ in our inner ear).

The Tomatis® Method is an educational program directly affecting the connections between the ear and the brain to provide the necessary commands to the body. It promotes deep and rhythmic sound transmission on the vestibule creating a positive effect on the brain and the motor functions. As a result, the Tomatis® Method can effectively intervene on difficulties with rhythm and coordination.

What is Dyspraxia?

Each part of the body works together to perform daily tasks efficiently. From getting out of bed to doing writing tasks in school or at work, all of these activities demand a successful integration or coordination of different functions from different faculties.

Without coordination, individuals may not be able to do and accomplish daily tasks harmoniously. This lack of coordination is commonly known as Dyspraxia or Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD).

Dyspraxia primarily affects balance, body movement and fine and gross motor skills. Motor skills are the actions involving the brain, the nervous system, and the muscles in the body.

Fine motor skills are the small movements such as holding a pen or spoon and fork, picking up objects, and other uses of small muscles (i.e. fingers, wrists, lips, tongue, and toes). Gross motor skills, in contrast, are the bigger movements such as sitting upright, rolling over, and other uses of large muscles in the legs, arms, torso, and feet.

Young people with dyspraxia often have difficulties on both educational (i.e. writing, reading) and recreational (i.e. playing with toys, body movement tasks) activities. Upon reaching adulthood, many of the difficulties will persist depending on the environmental pressures and life experiences. Overall, it can affect participation and function in their day-to-day life.

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