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The Tomatis® Method, nevertheless, can help restore the link that connected the brain, the ear, and the voice. The restoration process is possible as this auditory stimulation program establishes itself on the brain’s ability to change, that is, neuroplasticity. This means that the brain can wire, un-wire, and/or rewire its connections primarily based on sensory challenges.

The Tomatis® Method primarily utilizes an electronic gating system creating “filters” that naturally and consistently surprises the brain. This is programmed as a repetitive yet random stimulation enabling the brain to develop an automatic detection mechanism to the changes of sound frequencies (high and low frequency/tones). It promotes voice-audio rehabilitation specifically targeting areas such as:

> Lack of fluency

> Difficulty in speaking/ singing comfortably

> Lack of voice quality

> Lack of accuracy and precision

> Loss of control over intensity (too low or too much)

> Lack of motivation to sing

The Tomatis® Method involves the person listening to filtered music through the use of sophisticated headphones specifically designed to transmit via air and bone conduction. In air conduction, sound travels through the outer ear while in bone conduction, sound travels through the skull which is ten times faster. The functional outcome presents itself through the quality of one’s voice.

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