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The Tomatis® Method actively works through the ear and the brain via several auditory pathways including the thalamus where the limbic system is located. Remember that the limbic system is responsible in regulating our emotions, behaviour, memory (long-term) as well as motivation.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis, an ENT and Voice specialist, developed the idea that the ear provides energy to the brain. That’s right! The ear does a lot more than just hearing!

The ear’s vestibular system caters to sensory integration, sense of space, location and direction, body-image and is connected to several parts of the brain and body. Its dynamogenic function caters to memory, motivation, confidence, creativity, awareness, and energy.

This ear-brain training program involves the person to listen to filtered music (usually Mozart and Gregorian chants). Using its electronic gating system, the TalksUp device (Tomatis® player) produces high- and low-frequency filters that creates sound contrasts in the music. Then, its specialised headphones transmit the sounds via bone conduction, wherein sound is transferred ten times faster.

By stimulating the ear-brain connections, the Tomatis® Method awakens and establishes any trauma survivor’s desire to communicate and learn again!

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