Tomatis® Consultant (Level 4)

Extended training to individualized programming. This last stage on the Tomatis® training enables you to fully individualize your listening programs according to all the Listening Check data. You will be able to use Mother’s Voice recordings and filters up to 8000Hz.

You will follow an in-depth training and will be assisted by a trainer Consultant. Finally, you will be able to take part into our research programs.

Duration: 4 days + online support and mentoring
: Must be a Tomatis® Consultant (level 3)
: The TalksUp® (level 4)

The TalksUp® (level 4) device.
Thanks to the TalksUp® (level 4) software, you will be able to use all the parameters of the Tomatis® Method and thus will be able to fully customize the program settings according to each client’s Listening Check. You will deduce from them the most relevant program to the concerned problem by drawing all the parameters available in the interface especially designed for this level of expertise. The TalksUp® (level 4) is a reserved tool for Tomatis® Consultants (level 2) only and can be used in a center or at home with regular monitoring.

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