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We welcome your feedback, whethere it’s a suggestion or complaint. We take our work very seriously and always do our best to meet compliance standards while providing top quality care to our clients. If you have any complaints about the current structure of our programs, then rest assured we would like to hear them and address them as quickly as possible.

Likewise, we put great value in your feedback and you’re always welcome to suggest more ways we can improve the Tomatis® Method based on other recommendations you may have heard.

Your Complaint Matters To Us

If you have any concern during interviews or during the delivery of the Tomatis® listening programs, please let us know through this form. Our representatives will have a good look at these issues as soon as possible and will get back to you within five working days at most.

Our Commitment To You

If there is any additional supplement you think might go well with the Tomatis® Method, then please send us your suggestions here. There is always a lot of research that goes into further advancing the beneficial auditory stimulation and integration and your input could lead us to a discovery that can provide more hope to people with special needs!

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