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Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a French Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, points out that the high frequency sounds such as in classical music stimulates the brain, whereas low frequency sounds such as in rock music can drain energy away. The high frequency music of Mozart, particularly when filtered, is very energising while Gregorian Chant slows down the heartbeat and promotes deep relaxation.

This educational, neuro-sensory integrative program uses both types of music to exercise the ears for brain-body functions even reaching on an emotional level. People who are seeking to enhance their lives, or looking for a tool for personal development appreciate this non-intrusive, drug-free therapy with a distinctive and restorative value.

When treating stress-related disorder and depression, the combination of Mozart and Gregorian Chant is conducive to the therapeutic process by encouraging one to be more focused, present, and forward-looking. The Tomatis® Method can help you improve your way of life from the effects of burnout symptoms, cognitive weariness, and overall global aspects on levels of energy.

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