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LEARNING requires a complex interplay of the brain-body functions. You acquire learning because your brain knows how to filter out the unnecessary input (i.e. background noise) and store the important information for immediate or future use.

The brain is constantly changing depending on the sensory experiences of an individual, that is, neuroplasticity in action. The Tomatis® Method relies on its electronic gating system that produces sound contrasts stimulating the brain.

This is actually targeted on the brain’s plasticity or its ability to change over prolonged exposure or stimulation. Consequently, as the brain learns to pay attention to the sound contrasts, it can automatically train the individual to pay a particular attention to external and new events.

SPEECH AND LANGUAGE The Tomatis® Method is beneficial for children and adults with speech and language delays (See more Speech and Language Delays). As for children with APD, the main difficulty lies in the inability to manipulate the sounds of language.

Nevertheless, the Tomatis® Method treats the voice of the subject (active phase) and transmitting it via air and bone conduction. This promotes perception towards significant language sounds (i.e. tone, jokes, pragmatic language, etc.) and improves the well-being of children with speech and language disorders.

EMOTIONAL REGULATION In the middle part of the brain lies the limbic system–the part responsible for emotions, memory, and learning–connected to the prefrontal cortex. Then, the Tomatis® Method intervenes and stimulates these parts for better functioning.

Working on the autonomic nervous system through the vagus nerve (sympathetic and parasympathetic systems), the Tomatis® Method tends to calm and relax people who are highly stressed and anxious. In this manner, it plays a direct affect on emotional disorders such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

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