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Attention is vital in our daily lives. In fact, it helps us achieve our daily tasks and goals. However, children and adults with ADHD/ADD may struggle in doing so. They have a difficulty in selecting and maintaining awareness over an idea or event. This worsens when daily tasks demand more and more complex processes involving attention. For instance, being able to distribute one’s attention to multiple sources of information or tasks.

Fortunately, the Tomatis® Method can help improve situations for people with ADHD/ADD. It has an electronic gating system that creates sound filters naturally and consistently surprising the brain. Through a repetitive yet random stimulation, this enables the brain to develop an “automatic detection” ability. This is a high cognitive skill that enables the brain to select relevant information and reject the unnecessary ones. The Tomatis® Method is an effective complementary approach to support children and adults with or without ADHD/ADD.

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The Tomatis® Method is definitely the best gift to you or your child! Contact Françoise Nicoloff or any of the Tomatis® professionals in Australia to get started today!

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