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Academic Skills

Spark attention and improve the desire to learn and explore! The Tomatis® Method is beneficial in supporting and promoting development of children with or without special needs!

Language and Speech

Transform your listening patterns to develop your communication skills! The Tomatis® Method retrains the ears and the brain for better memory, comprehension, and audio-vocal coordination!

Psychologists Tomatis Method
Developmental Challenges

Build your child’s essential abilities using the Tomatis® Method! As an ear fitness program, it exercises neural pathways enabling action, perception, and thinking!

Psychologists Tomatis Method
Motor Skills & Coordination

Energize your whole body and maintain vitality through listening! The Tomatis® Method utilizes the ear via air and bone conduction to provide energy to the brain that stimulates the skills and functions of the whole body!

Emotional Regulation

Feel calmer and more confident to develop / improve learning and communication! The Tomatis® Method has an action on the brain through the limbic system and the vagus nerve to balance emotions and get relief from the impacts of stress!

Other Applications

Receive the ultimate relaxation, body balance, confidence, and energy that you deserve! The Tomatis® Method aids in a wide-range of applications from singer and language learners to pregnant women, the elderly, and even those with brain trauma or injury!