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The aim of the Tomatis® Method is to encourage the student to acquire an ear for the language, as a bilingual child does it, naturally. Meaning, you should be able to speak the second language as normal and as easy as your mother language; hence, linguistic integration.

Linguistic integration means the process by which the student experiences what he/she would have known if they were born of an English, Spanish or Chinese mother etc. depending on the language studied. According to the Tomatis® approach to the integration of languages, to learn a language is to learn to listen as if it were our mother tongue. It is important to be able to set ourselves physically and psychologically in tune with it, in other words, to stop considering it as a foreign language.

To achieve this, a program will be followed using the TalksUp® device, including the intensive main phases of the Tomatis® Listening Program for Languages:

  1. The use of filtered sounds of the language
  2. Establishment of the phonetic basis of the language, using stimulation of the “maternal voice” of the language
  3. Progressive removal of filters of the sounds of the language and repeating words and sentences in a microphone

When learning a language, the point is to acquire practical know-how and not just to have the advantage of an excellent ear for the language being studied. To this end, lessons with a native speaking teacher will alternate with sessions on the TalksUp® device. In each case, we will be to shape your overall posture on the chosen language

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