Research and Development

On top of the positive results achieved with our clients, the Tomatis® Method is established upon scientific evidence from several research institutes, hospitals, universities, specialized associations and foundations ensuring objectivity, reliability, and efficacy in response to the growing needs of the community.

Clinical Research on the Tomatis® Method

The ear is the gateway to the brain and body connections including emotional regulation. Using the Tomatis® parameters and by principle of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change), children and adults with various difficulties and disorders are given the opportunity to improve their lives. The results are presented for you in a non-exhaustive overview below.

  1. The Effects of the Tomatis® Method on the Artistic Voice [ABSTRACT]
  2. The possibilities of the improvement of language competencies in children with dyslexia. The evaluation of the Tomatis® therapy in children aged 6–10 years of age [ABSTRACT]
  3. The role of Tomatis® sound therapy in the treatment of difficulties in reading in children with developmental dyslexia

  4. Tomatis® Method comparative efficacy in promoting self-regulation in tertiary students: A systematic review [ABSTRACT]
  5. Case Studies 6 Children From 5 Years To 7 Years Using The Tomatis® Method To Develop Learning And Academic Skills

  6. The management of simple language delay through the Tomatis® Method in children aged four to five years. [ABSTRACT]
  7. The Effect of Tomatis® Therapy on Children with Autism: Eleven Case Studies
  8. Comparison of Effects of Auditory and Music Training of Blind or Visually Impaired Young People on Performance in Selected Auditory Tasks

  9. Early exposure to maternal voice: Effects on preterm infants development [ABSTRACT]
  10. Mozart’s music in children with drug-refractory epileptic encephalopathies [ABSTRACT]

  11. Attention and Tomatis® Method For Success: Results of the Project Made in Poland from 2010 to 2013 [SUMMARY]
  12. Early Effects of the Tomatis® Listening Method in Children with Attention Deficit
  13. China Tomatis® Audio Training on Memory Disorder of Patients with Stroke
  14. Case Study 18-Year-old client diagnosed with Aspergers, OCD and anxiety using the Tomatis® Method
  15. Case study of a child with organic damage within the central nervous system treated with the Tomatis® Method
  16. The Baker Academy Results of the Tomatis® Program First Grade Self-contained Setting
  17. Tomatis® Burnout & Stress Rehabilitation Results and Statistical Analysis for 100 Clients
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