Speaking Your Mind

Transform your listening patterns to develop your communication skills! The Tomatis® Method retrains the ears and the brain for better comprehension, audio-vocal coordination for better expression!

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What are Speech and Language issues?

Language and speech are our means to communicate when we master comprehension and elocution. Children and often adults have issues with articulation, pronunciation, sometimes miss parts of the words and therefore cannot be understood. They can also mumble or use a lot of “ha, heu, uhm…” or fillers, which compromise their own expression and therefore the possibility for the peer or the adult to understand. Sometimes they cannot stay on topic which can confuse the listener. They usually have problems with hearing their voices and processing their thoughts often leading to an unsuccessful performance. Poor listeners are poor communicators.

How the Tomatis® Method Can Help in Speech and Language :

“We speak and sing with our ear” ~Alfred A. Tomatis®

Dr. Tomatis historically discovered the fundamental connection between the ability to hear sounds and the ability to reproduce them vocally. The Tomatis® listening device (TalksUp®) heightens the sensitivity to sound perception providing gymnastic exercise for the ear. By influencing the way a person hears and listens, one can change their voice and their speech. Any change in listening patterns leads to an immediate change in the voice and language!

Ready to Get Started?

The Tomatis® Method is definitely the best gift for you or your child! Contact Françoise Nicoloff or any of the Tomatis® professionals in Australia to get started today!