How We Can Help

More and more research being done about stress and pregnancy show that the baby can suffer from the mother’s stress during her pregnancy. Stress affects the baby through the release of cortisol in the mother and reaches the baby.

Cortisol has a damaging effect in prolonged or chronic situations. It can make it difficult to sleep or relax; causes insulin resistance and the inability to release stored energy and lose weight; inhibits or blocks access to memory storage site and; depletes the immune system.

Understanding the special link and bond mother-baby, the Tomatis® Method is given to help expectant mothers during pregnancy. The objective is to relax and work on the anxiety, the energy of the mother and to stimulate the emotional link with the baby.

Taking this strengthening action does not only benefit mothers but also has a positive impact on the sound health of their newborns as well! Usually, Tomatis “babies” are quite calm and alert, open to the world around them and develop quite soundly.

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The Tomatis® Method is definitely the best gift to you or your child! Contact Françoise Nicoloff or any of the Tomatis® professionals in Australia to get started today!