How the Tomatis® Method Can Help Motor Skills and Coordination

The Tomatis® Method basically works on retraining the ear to function better by affecting all of its vital parts particularly, the vestibular system. It is the part of the ear that is connected to the whole body and is responsible for balance, posture, coordination, sensory integration, proprioception (body awareness), spatial orientation and direction, eye movement, time reference, etc. Not a single muscle can move without the interplay of the vestibule. Restoring appropriate connection vestibule-brain-body helps to overcome some physical challenges and immaturity.

Gaining Control and Harmony Over Your Body

Energize your whole body and maintain vitality through listening! The Tomatis® Method utilizes the ear via air and bone conduction to provide energy to the brain that stimulates the skills and functions of the whole body!

Motor Skills and Coordination

Motor skills and coordination are the combinations of body movements for intended actions. Children develop these skills at different rates, that is if one learns to sit upright, crawl, or walk. These are called “milestones” or developmental achievements as a sign of growth, progress, and maturity. But if they are “losing” these skills over time or have not achieved these at a certain age at all, there could be a problem.

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