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Tomatis® Australia Meets Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

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Barbara Arrowsmith-Young had a lunch meeting with parents, students, teachers to promote the Arrowsmith Program last Friday, March 17, 2017at 3 Bridges, a community center in South Sydney. Francoise Nicoloff, Director of Tomatis® Australia, met and exchanged ideas with Young…

[Interview] Prof. John Stein On Fish Oil And Dyslexia

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Learn about the effects of Omega-3 in fish oils to people with dyslexia on ABC-Australia’s interview with Prof. John Stein. Omega-3s are essential because they oil the brain” Prof. John Stein, an Emeritus Professor of Neuroscience from the University of Oxford,…

Françoise Nicoloff Visits Toogoolawa School in QLD

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(Left to Right) Francoise Nicoloff (Director of Tomatis® Australia), Jerry Moloney (Principal), Helen Horn (Youth worker), and Tony Geeves (Educational Psychologist/Volunteer) Françoise Nicoloff visited last Friday (March 11, 2017), Toogoolawa School in Ormeau QLD, the very first school in Australia…

Occupational Therapists Gets Tomatis® Method Training

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NSW | AUS Seven (7) Occupational Therapists from the Gabrielle Centre For Children have been trained to help more children and families. The first stage (Level 1) provides an initial 4-day training course to learn about the Tomatis® Method. They will…