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Helpful Tips for Spending Holidays with Autistics

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Whether you are the parent of an autistic child, or someone who is about to receive relatives who have the condition, holidays can be particularly stressful. It feels like the chances of emotional and sensory meltdowns seem to double during…

Autism and the Imagination – Why Do They Often Relate?

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During recent years, the correlation between autism and creative thinking has been increasingly observed even by those who are not fully involved in the work of ASD awareness. Whenever someone with the condition speaks up or is featured somewhere, there…

De-Stigmatising Dyslexia With Diagnosis

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  There is no denying the negative stereotypes surrounding dyslexia. A person who seems incapable of reading is regarded as unintelligent, more likely to succeed in sports than in academics and even depicted as brutish in popular media. However, increasing…

My Child Has GDD! Is He/She Autistic!?

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The short answer is: No. It’s not always the case. More importantly though, this is never the best reaction a parent can have if their children has been officially diagnosed with some form of global developmental delay. In fact, it…

What Are The First Steps to GDD Intervention?

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When parents learn their child has been diagnosed with some form of developmental delay, the most difficult part is taking the first step towards early intervention. Generally speaking, early intervention is highly recommended if parents don’t want a delay resulting…