The Effectiveness of the Tomatis® Method in Public Schools of Colombia

The Effectiveness of the Tomatis® Method in Public Schools of Colombia

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Do children between the ages of 5 and 6 exposed to the Tomatis® Method show a differential effect in their communicative, linguistic, cognitive, and emotional skills compared to the musical stimulation in a typical classroom scenario?

Being convinced of the Tomatis® Method’s effectiveness, the Polish Ministry of Education introduced the method in 2005 in more than 200 public schools counting with the co-financing of the European Economic Community.
Project Purpose:
  • To study the effectiveness of the Tomatis® Method to help prevent difficulties in the learning process of reading and writing being that it hasn’t yet documented its effectiveness in prevention
  • To cover a very wide and vulnerable population being that in Colombia, there’s no access to the method because of economic reasons
Excerpt of Discussion:
The Tomatis® Group (Group 1) had the most significant results over the other groups on the communicative and emotional level. The linguistic level stands out because of their:
  • phonologic awareness
  • auditory memory
  • construction of expressions, and;
  • availability of words
“The Tomatis® Program has given very positive results in the children; since it has taught them to socialize better with their classmates and adults, to have better self-control, and to better manage their fears. They enrich their vocabulary; their way of expressing themselves is better; they improved their reading, writing; and their usage of the line.”
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