The Power of Sound: Can Classical Music Protect Your Brain?

The Power of Sound: Can Classical Music Protect Your Brain?

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You may have read or heard of several stories about music soothing the mind or calming the heart and so on. But what about the idea of classical music protecting your brain? Read more about this interesting discovery!

For centuries, classical music has been a great feature for alternative therapy administered by healthcare professionals around the world. We all know music stimulates our minds, our moods, our emotions, etc.

But recently, a Finnish study reported that classical music can affect the genetic activity [expression] in the body and can even safeguard you from brain disorders.

As Science Daily reported:
“A Finnish study group has investigated how listening to classical music affected the gene expression profiles of both musically experienced and inexperienced participants. All the participants listened to W.A. Mozart’s violin concert Nr 3, G-major, K.216 that lasts 20 minutes.”

The researchers found that classical music “down-regulated” SNCA or synuclein-alpha, one of the most up-regulated genes known to be responsible for Parkinson’s disease. “Down-regulation” is the process by which a cell decreases the quantity of a cellular component.

According to Dr. Järvelä:
“The effect [down-regulation] was only detectable in musically-experienced participants, suggesting the importance of familiarity and experience in mediating music-induced effects…”

Hence, this down-regulating ability of classical music becomes a neuro-protective role from a wide-range of disorders.

Fortunately, the Tomatis® Method, an auditory stimulation program, is equipped with [filtered] classical music—Mozart, Gregorian Chant, & the Waltz—to enhance the person’s ability to learn, communicate, and socialize effectively.

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