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Tomatis® Method Sydney, Australia helps kids with learning disabilities

All You Need To Know About Learning Disabilities and APD

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Auditory Processing Disorder can be related to Learning Disabilities that hinder holistic development. Distinguishing these two complex conditions and bring better awareness to concerned individuals about Auditory Processing Disorder and Learning Disabilities is important because these two are often interconnected…

All You Need to Know About Auditory Processing Disorder

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SYDNEY, Australia — Has your child been diagnosed with an auditory problem or a learning disability? Auditory processing disorder (APD) and learning disabilities (LD) are complex and can be intertwined conditions.  At Tomatis® Australia, we came up with this article…
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Diagnosis and Treatment of Learning Disabilities

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SYDNEY, Australia — The term Learning Disabilities seems to be broad. However, it is defined as a neurological disorder in which there is some difference where how the brain is wired, giving five types of learning disabilities. In this blog,…
Mind Map on Speech disabilities

Is autism an intellectual disability?

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Have you heard anyone use the word “retard”? Few people still use mental retardation to describe someone else who finds it hard to learn and adapt. It is an obsolete term that may create stigma for people who have a…

Dyslexia: How We Can Help Your Child to Read

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Have you ever wondered if your child has dyslexia? Ask your child to read aloud a simple story and ask your child to retell it to you. Did he/she read and verbally express the words right? Was he/she able to…