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dyspraxia in kids

Challenges of Kids and Adults with Dyspraxia

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Is your child clumsy or keeps on bumping on furniture? Does your child find it hard to play sports that require coordination? Does your child have difficulty riding a bike or have trouble doing tasks that need balance? Have you…
young kid with autism

Frequently Asked Questions About Autism

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What is autism spectrum disorder? Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a developmental disability or brain development disorder. Children and adults with ASD have different ways of learning and doing things. They have restricted or repetitive patterns of behaviour with…
social awkardness

Impact of Social Awkardness on Autism

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Among the challenges of autism, social awkwardness is one of the most well-known and also most uncomfortable topics to discuss. It gets even more uncomfortable when we look into the countless reasons why: discrimination, drama, controversy, scandal etc. On the…

Top 3 Reasons why music act as Mood Setter

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There is no denying that music is used in many ways outside the contexts of orchestras and recording studios. You find it in everything from fine dining establishments and workout sessions, to blockbuster movies, popular video games and major shopping…
soundsory headset

What is Soundsory?

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Last April, we had a small webinar introducing a new supplementary product that can help you maintain the improved body, brain and ear connections from our Tomatis® program. The product is called Soundsory®. And like the Tomatis® Method, Soundsory® is…