[Interview] Dr. Norman Doidge on Neuroplasticity and the Tomatis® Method

Learning and communication difficulties can hold back anyone in pursuing and realizing daily activities. Dr. Norman Doidge shares his priceless knowledge and experience on his discoveries about the brain’s capacity and how we can help to make the most of your skills and abilities.

Dr. Norman Doidge is a psychiatrist/psychoanalyst and researcher at the University of Toronto in Canada. He is also a research faculty at the Colombia University’s Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research. He is a recipient of the Mary S. Sigourney Prize, the highest award in international psychoanalysis, in 2008.

In 2007, “The Brain that Changes Itself” won the best book of the year awards from The Guardian, National Post, etc. Then the second bestseller, “The Brain’s Way of Healing”, won the 2015 Gold Nautilus Award in ScienceIt has also been cited and profiled in numerous exemplary institutions. These groundbreaking works presented the accomplishments of Dr. Doidge from the frontiers of brain science and mainstreamed neuroplasticity or the brain’s ability to change its own structure to the world.

Listen to Norman Doidge’s interview in Radio National NSW as he discussed about neuroplasticity and how auditory stimulation techniques (Tomatis® Method & Forbrain®) can improve the ability of the brain to overcome disabilities and difficulties.

For the audio transcript, click here.

For more information about the Tomatis® Method & Forbrain®, you can call us at 1800 677 010 or email us at info@tomatis.com.au today!

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